4 Things to Do if Your House Sustains Water Damage


Your house is your shelter from the outside world. Part of its job is to keep the elements out. Unfortunately, a burst pipe, leaking roof, or flood can bring water into your home unexpectedly. If you find this  1. Try to contain the source of the water, if possible. If your house is still actively flooding, your first priority is stopping or containing the source of the water. If you have a burst pipe, your first step should be to turn off the water in your house to prevent further damage.

22 May 2019

Benefits of Using Door Installation From Hardware Stores


Part of remodeling and renovation sometimes includes replacing doors in certain areas of the home. The most common doors you may be replacing are the entrance and exterior doors. These doors can be a bit more difficult to install due to their insulation and other considerations. If you are replacing these doors, you may find that the hardware store you use offers free door installations to help you. If you have not considered the benefits of this option, here are a few to consider.

11 March 2019