Identifying Water Damage in Your Home


Water damage is nothing to mess around with. Even though you've spent hours, maybe days, cleaning up the mess, there is likely damage hidden beyond where you can see. Here, you'll find a few tips to help you identify hidden water damage so it can be repaired immediately. Follow Your Nose The smell of water damage doesn't take long to become noticeable after the damage has been sustained. A little water goes a long way in creating mold and mildew growth, so if you're smelling that musty mold smell anywhere in your home, there's moisture hiding somewhere.

24 October 2018

Noticing An Increase In Earthquakes? How To Tell If Your Foundation Has Been Damaged By The Temblors


If you've been experiencing more earthquakes lately, it's time to start thinking about your home. You never know when an earthquake is going to damage your home. If one does do damage to your home, you need to know how to identify the hidden damage, like problems with your foundation. Because the ground moves so violently during an earthquake, the foundation under your home can sustain some serious damage--damage that you might not be able to see with your eyes.

18 September 2018

Four Common Powersteering Issues


Being able to turn your wheel smoothly is a crucial part of driving. Problems in power-steering can arise due to a number of issues, from a clogged hose to depleted fluid. You'll know something is amiss when you begin to experience issues such as squeaking noises, stiffness, or alignment problems. Here are four common power-steering issues that plaque drivers. Vibration Experiencing vibration or shaking in your steering wheel while driving is one of the most common issues.

20 December 2016

Basement Waterproofing Improvements To Add Useable Living Space After Mold Problems


The basement in your home can be finished to add all sorts of space. Since a basement is prone to water problems, many families choose to use this space for things like recreation areas or extra space. The space in your basement can also add valuable living space to your home, but you will want to make sure it is well protected from water damage. Here are some solutions that you may want to consider for waterproofing your basement:

29 November 2016

Tips to Help You Get Your Home Back to Normal After Serious Storm Damage


When a storm has come through your town, you may have to deal with small problems. There are also serious problems that you may have to deal with, such as damage to the roof structure, water damage, and other repairs. Getting your home restored quickly is important to prevent problems from growing. Here are some tips that can help you get your home repaired quickly after it has been damaged during a storm.

28 November 2016

Why You Shouldn't Tackle Your Own Water Damage Restoration


Whether your home has been struck by a natural disaster or if you had a major plumbing issue that caused flooding in your home, you're likely ready to get your home back to normal as quickly as possible. You might even be thinking about diving in and trying to handle the problem yourself. However, what you should know is that water damage restoration generally isn't something that you should do on your own.

28 November 2016

The Rains Are Coming: 4 Reasons You Need To Clean Your Gutters


The rains are coming. Have you cleaned your rain gutters yet? If you haven't, you should take care of that as soon as possible. Your rain gutters do more than just keep the water off your porch. They protect your home against several different types of water damage. Here are four reasons why you need to clean your drains before the rains arrive. Protect Against Basement Flooding If you have a basement, you need clean rain gutters.

23 November 2016

How Thermal Shock And The Freeze-Thaw Cycle Damage Shingles


Your new asphalt shingles may look strong and reliable, but that doesn't mean that they're actually invincible. In point of fact, the elements can damage roofing shingles in a number of ways not limited to the common types of damage, such as having your shingles blown off by wind or having the granules knocked off by hail. Other types of damage that the roof can incur from the elements include having the sun's UV rays oxidize the surface of the roof, causing it to become more brittle, and suffering damage from thermal shock or the freeze-thaw cycle.

22 November 2016

2 Steps To Take Before Painting That Can Protect Your Home's Appearance


One of the most common home improvement projects that most homeowners will undertake is painting, but it can often be a bit tricky for many people due to the potential for ruining the appearance of your home or a room. Listed below are two steps to take before painting your home that can help protect the appearance of your house. Strip The Paint One of the biggest mistakes that you can make when painting a room in your house or the exterior of your home is to simply paint over an existing layer of paint.

17 November 2016

Getting New Tile For Your Kitchen And Found A Lot Of Mold? Tips To Get Rid Of It


If you are in the process of laying new tile, you may be surprised at what you will find when you start ripping out your old floor. If you have found mold when you removed your floor, this is likely due to a water leak in the past. Even if you cleaned up the water on top of your floor, some of the water likely leaked beneath the flooring without you knowing about it.

16 November 2016