Fixing an Antique Grandmother Clock That Stops Running


When you first buy an antique grandmother clock, you may be disappointed to find that it doesn't work consistently after being placed in your home. Even clocks that kept time perfectly prior to being moved may stop in a new location, and keeping your new clock going can quickly become an irritating routine. Grandmother clocks are significantly smaller than the more familiar grandfather models, but they run on the same principles.

26 October 2016

Come Home to Find a Flood? 3 Steps to Clear Out the Water and Prevent Mold Growth


If you just got home to find that a pipe has burst and that everything in your home is flooded, you'll need to get rid of the water as quickly as possible. The longer the water stands in your home, the greater the risk that you'll be dealing with mold growth before too long. Here are three steps you should take to get rid of the water and prevent mold growth.

28 September 2016