Potential Causes Of Water Damage To Your Home That You Should Know About


If you don't live in an area prone to flooding, you may think you won't have to deal with water damage in your home. However, water damage from sources besides weather-related flooding are quite common, and chances are, you'll deal with some sort of damage caused by water at some point when you own a home. Here are some likely causes of water leaks in your home and how you can prevent or fix them.

Broken Plumbing Pipes

Plumbing is responsible for many cases of water damage. When a pipe bursts and you're not at home, a lot of water is released into your home and it can cause extensive damage. However, it doesn't take a gush of water to do harm. A tiny drip can cause damage over time if it isn't repaired promptly. Know the condition of your pipes. If your plumbing is old and you've had problems with leaks, you may want the pipes inspected to see if they're corroded.

Replacing pipes before they fail could spare you from expensive damage repairs. Also, repair drips and leaks as soon as you can. Pipes often leak in hidden places, such as under a sink, so check drains and pipes routinely so you can fix small leaks before they turn into expensive problems.

A Leaky Roof

A roof leak is another major cause of water damage. The unfortunate thing about a roof leak is that it can go on for a long time without you being aware of it if insulation soaks up the water. Eventually, the ceiling may swell, discolor, or collapse and clue you to the problem. Repairing this type of water damage could entail replacing the attic insulation, removing mold from the attic, and putting in a new ceiling along with a new roof. Reduce the risk of this type of damage by checking your roof at least once a year and after a big storm so you can call a roofer to make repairs as soon as roof damage occurs.


Any appliance that uses water such as a clothes washer or dishwasher has the potential to flood your home. If a hose pops off the dishwasher or the clothes washer develops a leak, water could spill on the floor and then flow behind a wall or under the flooring. If you don't catch this situation right away, a lot of water could run on the floor and cause damage to nearby rooms by soaking carpet and getting upholstered furniture wet. When you have to deal with removing a large amount of water, it's often best to call a water damage restoration company to bring in commercial equipment and dryers. Quick action is essential for drying out a wet house or you might have to deal with mold too.


6 September 2019

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