Benefits of Using Door Installation From Hardware Stores


Part of remodeling and renovation sometimes includes replacing doors in certain areas of the home. The most common doors you may be replacing are the entrance and exterior doors. These doors can be a bit more difficult to install due to their insulation and other considerations. If you are replacing these doors, you may find that the hardware store you use offers free door installations to help you. If you have not considered the benefits of this option, here are a few to consider.

Warranty During Installation

One of the leading reasons to go with the in-house door installation is the warranty coverage. During the installation process, if anything is damaged to the door or your door frame, the hardware store covers the replacement and repairs in most cases. This makes sure that you are covered for the damages without an out-of-pocket expense. If you do the installation yourself and damages occur, you will have to pay for the repairs and make sure that the door is reinstalled properly.

Installation Knowledge

When you deal with entrance and exit doors, you have to consider the installation of insulation and of kick plates and other door items. These items do require some knowledge that you may not have if you have not dealt with door installation before. Keep in mind, you need to have insulation strips placed properly in order to ensure reduced energy loss. If it is not installed properly around the door, you can have water leaks and energy leaks that cause damage to the door and the door frame over time. By having the door installed by the hardware store, you can ensure that the installation is done properly.

Home Measurements

When you look at having door installation done by a hardware or home improvement store, you may not consider the home consultation they do. In most cases, the store will send out the installation contractor to measure the doorway and determine the scope of the installation. This will ensure you have accurate measurements, choose the right door size, and have other services available if you need them based on the installation contractor suggestions.

These are just a few of the benefits of using door installation from hardware stores. If you are unsure what options are offered with the installation service and what coverage is offered, ask your hardware store representative. They can help you with questions and make sure you are getting the right installation service for your needs.


11 March 2019

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