How To Dry Out And Restore Hardwood Flooring After A Water Leak


A busted water pipe or overflowing tub can be a disaster for your hardwood flooring. Quick action is needed to dry out the wood so it can be saved. If you come home and find your wood floor covered with water, calling in a water restoration company, such as Clean Care Inc, is the best way to get the wood dried out fast and prevent mold. Here are some steps for drying out wood flooring and restoring it after a flood.

Get Everything Off The Floor As Soon As Possible

Move your furniture into a different room and pull up rugs so the work crew can get started on the floor right away. If it's sunny outdoors, move your wet rugs and upholstery outside to dry while your floor is worked on. Then, you'll need another place to store your things because you may need to stay off of the floor for an extended time while the wood is drying.

Extract The Water From The Flooring

All the water should be removed from the floor with a wet vac. Several passes might be necessary to get the floor as dry as possible. Water can seep under the wood planks and get the subfloor wet, too, so the water needs to be extracted with commercial equipment to make sure the floor is dry. However, there will probably still be moisture that's left behind, and this can be monitored with a moisture meter in the coming days. After the floor is dry, the restoration company may deodorize your home to get rid of any musty odor that is left behind from the water leak.

Sand And Refinish The Floor When It's Dry

It may take several days for the wood to dry out enough to sand and refinish it. Running fans and dehumidifiers during this time will speed up the drying process. When the wood is dry enough according to moisture meter testing, the restoration company will assess the condition of the wood planks and determine how to restore the floor. Some planks might need to be replaced due to warping. Your entire floor will probably need to be sanded and refinished. Once that's done, the flooring is sealed so it looks good as new.

Cleaning up water damage is a challenge. If your wood floor was submerged, then the lower portion of your walls and your furniture and rugs probably have water damage, too. Coordinating the drying and restoration is important so all the water is removed and your home has no hidden moisture that may cause problems later.


30 November 2018

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