Basement Waterproofing Improvements To Add Useable Living Space After Mold Problems


The basement in your home can be finished to add all sorts of space. Since a basement is prone to water problems, many families choose to use this space for things like recreation areas or extra space. The space in your basement can also add valuable living space to your home, but you will want to make sure it is well protected from water damage. Here are some solutions that you may want to consider for waterproofing your basement:

1. Installing A Foundation Drain Tile System To Deal With Water

There is a system at the base of your foundation, which allows water to drain away from your home. These are pipes caused drain tiles. They allow water to flow freely away from your home. Drain tiles systems can be old and outdated, or they may be damaged. To make sure your home is safe, you will want to have the drain tiles inspected and have them repaired if there is a problem that prevents the water from draining away from your foundation. You can even have them upgraded with newer systems that allow more water to be drained.

2. Updating Exterior Waterproofing And Drainage To Reduce Pressure 

The exterior waterproofing on your home is another area that can be outdated and may need improvements. Some of the older materials that have been used to protect foundations can crack and begin to leak. Today, there are modern materials that help to reduce static water pressure and that are less likely to crack over time. You may want to have several layers of waterproofing to ensure your home is protected from leaks.

3. Installing Interior Wall Waterproofing And Drains To Add Protection

Waterproofing can also be installed on the interior of your foundation. This can give your basement additional protection and prevent condensation problems. In addition to interior waterproofing to seal walls, there are also drainage systems that you may want to consider installing. If you do not want to do excavations outside of your home, these systems can be a good alternative to conventional exterior renovations. An interior waterproofing system will be a combination of sealants and drainage to keep water out of your home.

With good waterproofing solutions, you will be able to have valuable living space in your basement. You can contact a mold removal service like Dove Services Inc to help with cleaning up your basement before you begin with some of these improvements.


29 November 2016

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