2 Steps To Take Before Painting That Can Protect Your Home's Appearance


One of the most common home improvement projects that most homeowners will undertake is painting, but it can often be a bit tricky for many people due to the potential for ruining the appearance of your home or a room. Listed below are two steps to take before painting your home that can help protect the appearance of your house.

Strip The Paint

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make when painting a room in your house or the exterior of your home is to simply paint over an existing layer of paint. The reason for this is that the paint that is currently on your walls will directly impact the new coat of paint in a variety of ways. For example, the existing layer of paint can often bleed through or affect the color of the new coat of paint that you are applying, which can lead to a blotchy-looking paint job or an unsightly color combination.

In addition, if your current paint is already flaking and falling off of the walls in places, then those issues will be passed along to the new paint. This means that you could very easily end up with patches of your new paint falling off the wall and flaking much sooner than it should.

In addition, consider speaking to a painting service about the paint stripping as the chemicals utilized in paint stripping are often quite caustic and dangerous if used incorrectly. The painting service will be able to advise you as to what precautions to take or provide you with their services for the stripping portion of your painting project.

Remove Knobs And Handles

Another step to take before painting a room in your home is to consider removing knobs and handles from your doors, drawers, and cabinets. This is important because you do not want to get paint all over those items as they can often be a bit tricky to clean afterward.

The reason for this is that many paint removers can have a harmful effect on the aforementioned handles and knobs and can permanently damage the appearance of those items. In addition, removing the handles and knobs will actually make your painting job a lot easier since you will not have to be especially careful or work around those fixtures when painting cabinets, doors, or drawers.

Contact a painting service to discuss what steps you can take to provide the best paint job for you home and to protect your home's appearance when painting. Stripping off your existing paint and removing the knobs and handles from the doors and drawers can help make it much easier to paint your home while protecting its appearance. 


17 November 2016

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