Time To Remodel? Fixing Up Your Home After The Flood


If you've just been through a flood that's damaged your home, the immediate thought on your mind may be about repairing everything quickly. However, if you have to make extensive repairs to the structure of the house, the wiring, and more, you could consider making the repairs a remodeling job, adjusting certain features of the home to better withstand potential future flooding. However, remodeling to place outlets higher up on the walls, anchor equipment and appliances, and so on, can be quite expensive. Ask yourself these questions to see if that extra cost might be worth it.

How Common Are Floods in Your Area?

The chance of another flood happening in your neighborhood is one of the main determining factors. If you live on a flood plain, or if the city refuses to take care of clogged storm drains that led to the most recent flood, it may very well be worth it to to take the extra remodeling steps. But if the flood was due to, say, poor plumbing quality in your home that you're already replacing (so a flood like this would be unlikely to happen again), the extra cost might not be worth it.

Will Your Flood Insurance Company Give You a Break?

An incentive for remodeling to raise the height of outlets on the wall and so on could be a break on your flood insurance. If the risk of flood damage is lower, your rates could possibly drop. There's no guarantee regarding this, so you'll have to call your insurance agent. But you can discuss with them the ways in which all these extra steps might benefit your insurance policy and see what the agent says.

How Do Damage Costs Compare to Remodeling Costs?

If your house is so damaged that you're going to have to rip out walls, completely redo flooring and wiring, and make more drastic changes, you might as well make the anti-flood-damage modifications. The costs would be the same. But if the costs of the remodeling would be much, much higher than the cost to repair just the flood damage, that could be a disincentive to spend the money. If you had flood insurance, the policy will likely cover a lot of repair costs, but it might not cover remodeling costs. If you didn't have flood insurance and have to pay out of pocket, compare projected costs to see where you'd stand.

Contact the flood damage repair company you're working with and ask them about making your home more resistant to flood damage. They should be able to point out ways to protect your property; get a list together and start getting bids.


11 November 2016

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