Situations in Which You Should Never Consider Doing Mold Cleanup Yourself


Although you may have heard the conventional wisdom that says it's possible to do mold cleanup on your own if you have enough bleach and personal protective equipment, there are many situations in which a call to a remediation contractor is not just the wisest course of action but also necessary to protect yourself and your family from the effects of the mold. Here are some situations you may find yourself in where the right thing to do is simply to call for remediation rather than trying to mess with the mold yourself.

When you have black mold

Black mold is a type of mold that has probably gotten more attention than it deserves, but it's true that it has toxic effects and should never be taken lightly. If you find a mold infestation that's black in color, leaning toward green, and slimy when damp (it requires wet conditions to grow, but even if the surface it's on has dried out, it's not less dangerous), you probably have black mold. Unless you're prepared to deal with the expenses and hassle of purchasing and using air-cleaning machines, a HAZMAT suit, drop cloths to cover every surface in the room and to seal every spot where air could exit, and more, it's unsafe to tackle this problem yourself. Cleaning mold disrupts mold spores by thousands, and you could be endangering the health of everyone in the house.

When you're allergic, sensitive, or ill

If you have asthma, mold is a big no-no, and you should just let the professionals handle it. Not only can they clean up the problem without your exposing yourself to the concentrations of mold spores stirred up by the cleaning, but they can also get the air in your house cleaner overall so you're less likely to experience negative effects later. This also applies if you're allergic to mold, if you have another respiratory condition (these can make you more sensitive to mold's ill effects), or if you're already experiencing symptoms from the mold. These symptoms may be severe respiratory irritation such as runny nose, itchy eyes, and more, as well as worse toxic reactions to highly toxic mold such as black mold. The symptoms may also be less obvious; perhaps you've been feeling like you were about to get a cold for the past several weeks.

When you have vulnerable people in your home

Pets, children, and the elderly are more vulnerable to mold and more likely to take lasting harm from it. Dealing with the mold yourself not worth the risk of stirring up more of an irritant that can cause serious health problems for someone in your household. If you have a vulnerable family member, you may even wish to leave your home until the remediation is complete, especially if it's a bad infestation or a member of your household is experiencing symptoms already.

These are just a few situations in which you should not even try to clean up mold yourself. Instead, call a mold-remediation contractor such as Servpro Of Bear New Castle and consider removing yourself and your family to a safer location (such as a hotel) until the cleanup is complete.


8 November 2016

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