All About Rain Gutters


Have the rain gutters along the edge of your roof started leaning away from the house? The leaning might stem from the gutters never being cleaned out and the weight of the accumulated debris. It is wise for you to get the gutters repaired or replaced because they are needed for protecting several areas of your house from water damage. Take a look at this article to learn about a few of the important things you should know about rain gutters.

Why Rain Gutters Are Important

Rain gutters are needed for one specific reason, which is to route away rainwater as it falls on your roof. However, by routing away the rainwater, different areas of your house will be more durable because there will be a smaller risk of water damage. You might find that frequent repairs are needed if the rain gutters were not in place. When the gutters are not in the right position, such as securely attached to the roof, they are not as useful as they should be.

How Cleaning the Gutters Should Be Done

Once you have paid a contractor to repair or replace the rain gutters, it is important to make sure they are cleaned on a regular basis. You should especially spend time cleaning the gutters if there are trees near the roof, as leaves can regularly fall down and clog the gutters up. Cleaning rain gutters is not a difficult task, and all you will need is a ladder, long garden hose, and trowel. Simply remove debris with the trowel, and then spray water from the garden hose through the rain gutters to remove dirt that was left behind. Hiring a professional to handle the task is also an option.

Parts of a House That Rain Gutters Protect

The main area of a house that rain gutters can protect from water damage is the foundation. The water does not damage the foundation directly, but it can create pressure in the soil which causes damage. For example, pressure from the saturated soil can cause the foundation to shift and develop cracks. Rain gutters can also protect the soffits of your home from becoming damaged from excessive water exposure.

Why the Gutters Are Needed for Landscape Health

The landscape is another area of your house that benefits from rain gutters being in place. Basically, large amounts of water can accumulate on the ground and damage your plants without rain gutters. Get your rain gutters repair or replaced as soon as you can.

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7 November 2016

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