Three Home Inspection Facts That Every First-Time Home Buyer Should Know


If you're a first-time home buyer, it can be easy to become overwhelmed by the home buying process. And, one part of the process in particular, that of home inspection, can be especially perplexing to those new to real estate. Below is a list of three facts about the home inspection process and how a home inspection can help you in the long run.

Fact #1: There Is No Such Thing As the Perfect Home

If a home that you've put an offer on has been inspected by a home inspector and has a seemingly never ending list of issues, you may be reluctant to go through with the purchase. There is one thing to keep in mind, however, and that's there is no such thing as the perfect home.

Every home on the market, even new constructions, have a number of issues that you should know about before purchasing. Does this mean that purchasing a home with a long list of issues is a no-go? Absolutely not. But, you do have to decide what issues in a home are deal breakers and how you'll address such a situation. For example, maybe you'd feel comfortable taking on a purchase if the seller offers to fix some of the major issues before closing. Or perhaps you'd rather handle the repairs yourself and have that reflected in the sale price of the home. Whatever you decide, it's always a good idea to go in expecting issues and know what you can handle and what you want to walk from.

Fact #2: The Inspection Report Is Not a Guarantee

Unfortunately, home inspectors are not equipped with crystal balls. While a home inspection report will tell you what issues were found currently, the report is not a guarantee that there will be no other issues in the future.

When you purchase a home, you take on a certain level of responsibility. As a homeowner, you will soon learn that major components of your home will unexpectedly break and require repair and replacement. So while it's important to have a home inspector check out a home before you purchase, this doesn't mean that damages that occur weeks or months down the road could have been noticed or avoided.

Fact #3: A Good Home Inspector Can Save You Thousands

As previously mentioned, your home inspector cannot look into the future. A good home inspector can tell you about today's issues, however, and this can save you thousands.

It is the job of the home inspector to inspect the home's major components, like the foundation, the roof, and the floor, and determine whether any of these components have issues. Some of the issues found in a home inspection, such as a cracked foundation or hidden roof leak, could cause thousands of dollars in damage if not repaired. This is why a home inspection is essential for anyone going through the home buying process.

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4 November 2016

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